Past Life Regression and Dreams

The question often asked  is, are Past Life Dreams just dreams or are they memories of past life experiences that are buried deep within the recesses of our mind?

Originally the dream was held to be the voice of God. Most indigenous cultures hold that the dream is sent by the Great Spirit and serves to offer advice and instruction. This idea of the divinity of the dream can also to be found in the ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures. There existed temples where one would go to dream and receive healing or instruction from the gods. Homer’s Iliad (8th century BC) tells the story of Agamemnon who receives instruction from Zeus through a dream. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, used dreams as a diagnostic aid.

In the Middle East the dream was considered to be a source of divine inspiration. Mohammed, the founding Prophet of Islam, is said to have received much of what is written in the Koran through his dreams.

We all dream. Every night – as we dim the light of consciousness – we enter the realm of the dream. In this dream state our imagination runs free with little or no interference from our conscious mind. In the morning, when we wake and return to consciousness, we may bring with us a recollection of the wanderings of our imagination – we remember the dream.

To dream is natural, it is a universal experience. All people of all cultures enter into this dream state when they sleep. As sleep research has shown even animals dream. How we regard the dream, however, varies from culture to culture and from person to person.

Unfortunately most of us remain unaware of our dreams. We fail to remember them. Even if we do remember a dream it is typically dismissed as meaningless and unimportant. For those of us who do place an importance on the dream it still remains a mystery. 

The dream world is a world which has found fascination with many people, as dreams can tell us so much. There are many different types of dreams, and many different reasons for them. It is actually amazing how many people remember aspects of their past lives through dreams. What is also fascinating, is how often they start to have the recurring past lives dreams just as they have met someone or as someone has become a part of their lives here and now that is somehow connected to that past time. Often past life dreams show more and more as time passes, and as the current life relationship that has brought them grows. Although, it is important to note, past life dreams do not always coincide with the entrance of others connected in that time period. They may also coincide with life situations that parallel.

When you find yourself dreaming about historical people, places, and things that is the surest sign you are in the process of tapping into your past lives. You may see yourself as other than we are during our waking hours. Meaning that in dreams we see someone who we know to be ourselves, but maybe a different gender or race.

In Past Life Dreams, we are not able to change the sequences of events no matter how hard we try. Just as the events in the past life cannot be changed, neither can the replay of those events in your dream be changed. Our minds do register the logical sequence of events in our dreams but are unable to alter them because they are replays of past.
Our past life dream may display talents, skills, and abilities that we have not acquired in our present life. We might have the ability to speak and understand a foreign language. 

One of the tragedies of modern life is that sleep is often regarded as unproductive down time… an annoying habit that cannot be broken. Since sleep cannot be avoided, it is often minimized, to “get it over with” and to get on with life. And yet, from a spiritual standpoint, sleep is incredibly productive. 

For while our body sleeps and our mind rests, they and “we” are put in touch with the healing and regulating currents of the universe. It is the longest part of the day that we – all of us – spend in touch with the inner worlds of God. 

If you think nothing happens while we are sleeping, why is it that we can go to sleep upset about a problem and wake up feeling better about it? Nothing in our situation has changed… so if nothing had gone on while sleeping, how could this happen? Yet, it is dreams that are the real evidence “something is going on” while we sleep. And part of what dreams are used for is to work through past life karma.

Millions of people have reported past life memories, many of these in Past Life Dream or Karmic Dream.

At the edge of dreams, at the fringe of memory, where body, mind, and spirit become one, there lies a bridge across time. It is a bridge which connects who you were with who you are with who you will be. It is a bridge as close to you as your breath and as far away from you as it must be to keep you safe and sane. It is a bridge that at some point in our lifetimes we all must cross.

The dream serves as a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind. For the dream belongs to the twilight zone of consciousness – where the ego and the unconscious meet.

The conscious element of the dream lies in its remembrance, the unconscious element lies in its mystery and perplexity. Half conscious, half unconscious, the dream unites the known and the unknown.

To listen to the dream is to listen to the unconscious. Through doing so one relieves the need for the unconscious to force itself.

About Dr. Indrani Barooah

Past Life Therapist, Reki Healer and EFT Practioner
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